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Universities urged to put focus back on basic research

Saying Canada’s future in science and research is threatened, a national association representing academics has launched a campaign to ‘Get Science Right’, in the hope of shaming the federal government into changing its science policy and funding formulas, writes Karen Seidman for The Montreal Gazette.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) is urging the government to take a new direction in science funding, saying that company-specific research funding has soared more than 1,000% since 2009 – but at the expense of the basic research that academics believe is essential to fostering scientific innovation and progress.

“Science in Canada is at a tipping point,” said James Turk, executive director of the CAUT, adding that the campaign is in response to a growing outcry from researchers and academics. “The government is making dumb choices that will have serious consequences for all Canadians.”
Full report on The Gazette site
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