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European Union rolls out university ranking

Plans to roll out a new system of rankings for Europe's universities, to encourage international comparison, will be outlined next week at a conference in Dublin, writes Ian Mundell for European Voice.

The system, called U-Multirank, has been developed with funding from the European Union. It aims to correct a perceived bias towards research performance in other international rankings, and so present a more balanced picture of university activities.

The goal is to persuade at least 500 universities to opt into the first phase of the system. Most will be from Europe, with a small number of international institutions included for comparison. The first ranking would be published early in 2014. The perceived research bias of existing rankings – principally the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities and the Times Higher Education World University Ranking – is seen as problematic because it fails to recognise that universities may have other goals and their users may have other priorities.
Full report on the European Voice site
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