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Most universities to up tuition fees in 2013

Figures show that 64 out of 122 universities in England plan to increase average fees for undergraduate degree courses starting in the autumn, writes Graeme Paton for The Telegraph. Data published by the Office for Fair Access show that institutions are preparing to push up charges by as much as £900 (US$1,439) per student.

Experts claimed that some institutions had been forced to increase fees on popular courses in order to balance the books, because of an overall slump in student demand nationally. It is only the second year that universities have been given powers to impose charges of up to £9,000 for degree courses.

In all, 94 universities are planning to charge the maximum amount for at least one course, compared with 82 a year earlier. Data also show that some 43 universities are freezing their fees at 2012 levels and 15 are imposing cuts in prices.
Full report on The Telegraph
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