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Drop in early student application numbers

The number of students in England applying to university has slumped by almost 10%, reports the Press Association. The latest UCAS statistics reveal that almost 12,000 fewer people living in England have applied to start degree courses in autumn 2013.

In total, 107,687 potential university students have already submitted their applications, the figures show, compared with 119,548 who had applied by this point last year, meaning there has been a 9.9% fall in applications comparing 2013 with 2012.

The UCAS figures show that overall, applications from UK and overseas students are down by 8.4%. Liam Burns, president of the National Union of Students, said these were early figures, and he hoped they would recover, but added: "Regardless of the repayment terms and the small print, students were always going to be deterred by £9,000 tuition fees."
Full report on the AOL site
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