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Country is failing to attract top foreign students

Canada is failing to attract high quality university students from China, India and Brazil, internal research commissioned by the Foreign Affairs Department concludes. The findings of focus groups conducted in those countries represent a setback for the government's ambitious efforts to broaden Canadian trade and investment in the three emerging markets, writes Mike Blanchfield for The Canadian Press.

Initiatives designed to forge educational links have been a feature of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's strategy to deepen economic ties with Asia during his trips to China and India this year. Meanwhile, Governor General David Johnston travelled to Brazil in the spring with 30 university presidents in tow, one of the biggest delegations abroad, to push the benefits of Canadian education.

Polling firm Ipsos-Reid said in its March report to Foreign Affairs that Canada needed to do more to "communicate its post-secondary education advantages" abroad. Despite that conclusion, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird decided two months later to cut a popular programme that promoted Canada in foreign universities.
Full report on The Huffington Post site
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