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Colleges build in business school ‘arms race’

When it comes to attracting the best business students, Ali Mallekzadeh knows what it takes, writes Mará Rose Williams for The Kansas City Star. “Very astute students walk through the doors of your college with a check list,” said Mallekzadeh, dean of Kansas State University’s college of business administration.

“They are asking: ‘Do you have an entrepreneurial centre, and an international business centre, a financial trading centre, a place to start a new business? And by the way, do you have an espresso machine?’ And the answers need to be ‘yes’ if you want to stay competitive.”

Lots of universities are saying ‘yes’, erecting big new buildings for their business schools, facilities filled with technology to support the latest teaching methods. The University of Kansas last week announced plans for a US$60 million building for its business school. The University of Missouri-Kansas City already has its new b-school building in the works. K-State expects to put up a US$50 million building in the near future. According to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, more than 100 business schools across America have either completed a new building this year, renovated or expanded an old one, or are raising money for a new one.
Full report on The Kansas City Star site
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