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Coursera to offer courses in Chinese

Chinese students head overseas in huge numbers, but some may no longer feel the need to leave home for education. Coursera, the online education platform that offers free courses from universities worldwide, is aiming to net some of the biggest consumers of overseas higher learning – Chinese – write Su Zhou and Lin Jing for China Daily.

The company, founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, computer science teachers at Stanford University in California, announced recently that 17 US and international universities will begin offering free online courses. They say that as the Coursera site develops, more courses will be introduced in different languages, including Chinese. The founders are also seeking to team up with Chinese universities to achieve that goal.

There is little doubt that such courses have a huge potential market among Chinese, 158,000 of whom were studying in US colleges last year, accounting for more than a fifth of the overseas-student population there. Worldwide, about 340,000 Chinese were studying in overseas colleges as of May last year, accounting for 14% of the overseas student population, according to a report by the Social Sciences Academic Press in Beijing.
Full report on the China Daily site
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