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Country scores top ranking in overseas student numbers

The number of Chinese students pursuing higher education in overseas universities increased to 339,700 in 2011 and accounted for 14% of all the international students studying overseas, writes Li Aoxue for China Daily.

A recent report prepared by the Center for China and Globalisation and published by the Social Sciences Academic Press on 17 September, gave China the top ranking in terms of overseas students. It is also part of efforts by the government to provide statistical information on Chinese students studying abroad.

Wang Huiyao, director of the centre and editor-in-chief of the report, says that with China having become the second largest economy in the world, more Chinese families can now afford to educate their children abroad. Due to the international financial crisis, many countries have loosened their visa policies and earmarked education as an important revenue earner, he says.
Full report on the China Daily site
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