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National strategy aims to reduce university enrolment

Reducing the number of students attending four-year universities and redirecting them to technical and vocational education is the main goal of the National Higher Education Strategy, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Wajih Owais said last week, reports The Jordan Times.

“The majority of Tawjihi [school] graduates in Jordan want to join universities regardless of the subjects they study or the potential for finding job opportunities after graduation,” Owais told The Jordan Times in an interview last Sunday, adding that although the job market is saturated with graduates from many four-year degree programmes, "people insist on joining universities".

Having too many students at universities, including some who would be better suited to technical rather than academic education, degrades the level of learning at these institutions and causes other social problems, the minister said. The strategy therefore envisages reducing the number of enrollees at universities from 95% to 70% of school graduates within 10 years, he explained.
Full report on the http://MenaFN.com site
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