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Universities admit more poor students

A little more than a month after sitting the gaokao, China's college entrance exam, Zeng Mengyao is celebrating her results. She will attend Xiamen University in China's eastern Fujian Province. Zeng's dream to be admitted to a prestigious university would have been crushed without the national preferential policy introduced by the Ministry of Education this year, reports Xinhuanet.

According to this year's college admission plan, 12,100 higher education vacancies will be allocated to students from 680 poverty-stricken counties in 21 provincial areas. Residents in these counties had an annual per capita income of CNY2,676 (US$418) last year, about half the national average.

Statistics from the Ministry of Education show that the national average admission rate in some leading universities last year was 8.5%, while the number in the 680 impoverished counties was 5.7%. Zeng fell eight points short of the admission score set by Xiamen University, yet she will soon be heading there thanks to the new policy
Full report on the Xinhuanet site
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