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Quebec adopts controversial student finance policies

The Quebec government has quietly adopted several controversial measures it says will broaden access to higher education in the Canadian province. Student groups, however, contend that the measures will have the opposite effect and will actually increase student debt loads, writes Jonathan Montpetit for The Canadian Press.

The policies were first announced during the spring amid a dramatic showdown with university and college students fighting tuition fee hikes. It was hoped the policies would lessen tensions in a months-long protest that had, at times, turned violent. Student associations criticised the proposals when they were first announced, saying they did little to address their concerns about rising student debt.

The government pushed ahead with its plans to draw the fee hike out over seven years, instead of five. It will also increase funding for loans and bursaries. The office of Education Minister Michelle Courchesne issued a news release last Thursday that said the measures were formally adopted by cabinet earlier in the week.
Full report on The Vancouver Sun site
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