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Distance learning degrees are on the increase

Employers and universities have been putting their heads together. Recently the Higher Education Academy reported on the outcomes of eight flexible learning pathfinder projects, which found that employers favoured distance learning as a way of delivering career-related study, writes Stephen Hoare for the Guardian.

Such distance learning degrees, which are often designed to appeal to mid-career professionals looking to develop their roles in specific sectors, are a growth area for many universities. Dan Hiskey, who is a corporate banking analyst for HSBC, has just graduated with a BSc in banking practice and management studied by distance learning at a private university, ifs School of Finance.

Since being given degree-awarding powers in 2010, ifs School of Finance has launched three new undergraduate banking and financial sector BScs and one specialist masters degree. "While UCAS has been reporting an 8% drop in applications, our applications have more than doubled," says ifs vice-principal for professional higher education, Martin Day.
Full report on the Guardian site
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