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Google gives Cornell $10 million in free office space

In what appears to be a one-of-a-kind collaboration between academia and industry, Google announced last week that it will provide 2,044 square metres of free office space to Cornell University, writes Joseph Walker for The Wall Street Journal.

The value of the property, located within Google’s New York headquarters in Manhattan, is upwards of $10 million, said Chief Executive Larry Page at a press conference announcing the partnership last Monday. “It’s a significant commitment,” he said.

Cornell University President David Skorton suggested that he sees the collaboration as indicative of a new approach to training students for careers in a competitive economy. “We need to create a new academic model for this time and this place and this industry,” Skorton said. “The key, we believe, is engagement between world class-academics and companies and early stage investors. Co-location is critical to connecting academic research and industry in a sort of a mixing bowl and seeing what happens.”
Full report on The Wall Street Journal site
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