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Concerned academics set up 'free' university

Academics concerned about high tuition fees are setting up a university where students can learn for free. The group, which includes lecturers from the University of Lincoln, argues that higher education has become "highly commercialised and profit-oriented", reports the BBC.

Calling themselves the Social Science Centre, the 40 academics will teach students to the equivalent of bachelor, masters and PhD levels. An open day for prospective students is to be held in Lincoln.

One of the lecturers, Professor Richard Keeble, said: "All of us are very concerned about the burden being put on students of up to £9,000 (US$14,500) a year and we want to show that there are alternative ways of running higher education."

The university will open in September. Academics will give their time freely, said Keeble. Students will be taught at venues such as community centres, and sessions will be part-time and taught in the evenings and over weekends.
Full report on the BBC site
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