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Veil ban protests bring university lectures to a halt

The controversy over the face veil, which emerged following the fall of former Tunisian president Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali’s secular regime, has resurfaced at the University of Manouba, with lectures coming to a halt following disputes over the issue, reports Al Arabiya.

Lectures were stopped last week in the faculty of literature, arts and humanities at Manouba, west of the capital Tunis, following demonstrations by Salafi students, who protested over discriminatory measures against Islamist and face-veiled students, France Presse reported.

Protestors also called for a mosque to be built for university students. Islamist demonstrators prevented faculty Dean Habib Kozdoghli from entering his office and called on him to resign.

Kozdoghli asked the interior minister to intervene to restore calm to the campus.
Full report on the Al Arabiya site
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