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Scholar calls for ‘richer’ debate on Oikos shootings

The day after the shootings at Oikos, an unaccredited institution in an east Oakland office park that enrols fewer than 100 students, a scholar of Asian-American studies who advocates for multicultural education urged colleges to view the incident through a different lens, writes Libby Sander for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Instead of asking "What's up with Koreans?" suggested Kevin K Kumashiro, why not ask: "What's up with the way we view Koreans?"

Whenever a student lashes out with violent behaviour, says Kumashiro, who is a professor of Asian-American studies and education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and president-elect of the National Association for Multicultural Education, the "richer conversation" focuses not on quick observations about race, gender or sexual orientation, but on other factors that may also have contributed to the outburst. "How do we try to have a conversation that gets at the bigger picture?" he asked.
Full report on The Chronicle site
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