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Minister outlines options for university merger plan
Welsh Education Minister Leighton Andrews has put forward three options for the reconfiguration of universities in south-east Wales, it has emerged. Cardiff Metropolitan University said the minister outlined his plans during a “necessarily serious” meeting with senior management last week, writes Gareth Evans for Wales Online.

Chair of Governors Barbara Wilding and Vice-chancellor Professor Anthony Chapman said the talks had been “constructive and good-natured”. In an email to staff, they outlined what they claimed were the three options currently being considered for the proposed merger of Glamorgan, Newport and Cardiff Metropolitan universities.

They include: the creation of a new university with the dissolution of Cardiff Met, Glamorgan and Newport; the dissolution of two of the institutions into a third, “lead” university; and the voluntary merger of two institutions with future options for the remaining institution to be considered.
Full report on Wales Online site
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