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Ex-Zambian head gets president-in-residence post

Former Zambian president Rupiah Banda has accepted an appointment as the African president-in-residence at Boston University, reports Associated Press.

The 75-year-old Banda served as Zambia's ambassador to the US, then vice president under former president Levy Mwanawasa, taking over as acting president in June 2008 when Mwanawasa died following a stroke.

He was elected president in October 2008, oversaw notable national growth rates during his tenure (with gross domestic product peaking at 7.6% in 2010), and was narrowly defeated for re-election in September 2011.

The African Presidential Archives and Research Centre director at Boston University, Charles Stith, said there was much to learn from Banda's experience in pulling Zambia out of the global recession.
Full report on the http://Boston.com site
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