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Students propose plan for free education

The Confederation of University Students of Chile, CONFECH, has presented a document aimed at significantly reducing out-of-pocket higher education expenses for Chileans, writes Nick Lavars for The Santiago Times.

In contrast to years gone past, the focus of this year’s student movements will be solutions rather than merely bringing to light problems with the current system. "No longer can there be tantrums and the expectation for others to solve our problems," Gabriel Boric, president of CONFECH, told the press. "Now, whenever we are required to, we will present clear and concrete resolutions, rather than demanding solutions from the central power."

The 80-page document will be presented throughout the country in the first half of April to coincide with the commencement of mass student demonstrations. Chilean families currently pay 80% of higher education costs out of their own pockets, according to current figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The objective of the proposal is that this number reaches zero.
Full report on The Santiago Times site
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