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ISRAEL: State acts to plug brain drain

Israel is known as a hotbed of high technology, the home of 10 Nobel prize winners and of cutting-edge start-up companies. But over the last decade the country has been losing some of its best scientists to the US and Europe as funding to universities dropped. Now, Israel is determined to plug the brain drain, and the centrepiece of its strategy was formally launched last Tuesday, writes David Rosenberg for The Media Line.

Israeli Centres for Research Excellence (I-CORE) aims to lure home the country's best talent with competitive pay and conditions while creating an innovative new framework for collaboration across traditional scientific disciplines.

I-CORE is starting off with four centres: one dedicated to alternative energy sources, another to the molecular basis of disease, a third to cognitive science and the fourth to advanced topics in computer sciences. It has a US$360-million budget to cover its first five years.
Full report on The Media Line site
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