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TANZANIA: Student loans board blames national psyche

The Higher Education Students' Loans Board (HESLB) says the national psyche in Tanzania is to blame for the repetitive wrangles between it and its clients. The free service mentality originating from the abandoned Ujamaa ideology was the major hindrance to an amicable mutual reverence between HESLB and students, writes Songa wa Songa for The Citizen.

In an exclusive interview with The Citizen, HESLB assistant director for information, education and communication, Cosmas Mwaisobwa, warned that unless the nation awoke from the hangover, the yearly pandemonium and demonstrations staged by higher education students would increase rather than decrease. "As a nation, we have to accept the fact that the free education era has gone and get used to the idea of cost sharing," he said.

The board's pointman was elaborating on a notice issued by the HESLB executive director last week, directing all employers to deduct 8% of the monthly basic salaries of student loan beneficiaries as loan repayment installments.
Full report on The Citizen site
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