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CAMEROON: Soa University sets out its ambitions

Plans to create new faculties to improve the quality of education and reduce overcrowding in lecture halls have been presented by Jean Tabi Manga, Rector of Cameroon's University of Soa,Yaoundé-2, reported Quotidienmutations.info of Yaoundé.

His proposals included dividing the faculty of legal and political sciences into two faculties, of legal sciences and governance, and of political and strategic sciences. The faculty of economics and management would also be split into two - "an idea that aroused numerous reactions from the university managers" attending the presentation last month, said Quotidienmutations.

"Who said that a faculty must necessarily have a big student roll? One can create a faculty even with 1,000 students!" Manga told his 'suspicious' listeners, reported the paper.

Between now and 2020, student numbers at Yaoundé-2 would double from 40,000 to 86,000, according to Paul Marcel Mayagui, the university's director of infrastructure, planning and development.

Other plans and recommendations had been devised to improve the student environment, said Quotidienmutations. The deputy director of Esstic, the university's advanced ICT school, was campaigning for improvements to the infrastructure of the institution, "to satisfy the strong demand for education in the professions of the future, such as documentary information".

A representative from Emia, the university's military school, called for a return to 'basic education' at Sao. "We are often obliged to send our officers away for training because of a lack of certain courses on site," he said.

The director of the student support agency asked his colleagues to think about the 'existential questions' concerning those who were the learners: "Where do our students eat? Where do they sleep?" Such considerations, he said, could guarantee better living conditions for students.

* This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original report.
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