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US: Trump's for-profit university under scrutiny

The New York attorney general is investigating Donald Trump's online business school where he charges would-be moguls up to $35,000 to "learn from the master", writes Douglas Feiden for the Daily News.

The for-profit Trump University is being probed for possibly deceptive business practices, sources familiar with Eric Schneiderman's investigation said on Thursday. Problems with Trump's business education firms first surfaced last year when the Daily News revealed that more than 150 students in 22 states said they had been cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars for useless courses.

Schneiderman subpoenaed the school, which is non-accredited and changed its legal name to the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative after News inquiries, as part of a broad-based probe of New York's for-profit college industry. An attorney general spokesman declined comment. But a Trump executive confirmed the probe, saying: "We look forward to cooperating with the inquiry and providing the information requested."
Full report on the Daily News site
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