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AUSTRALIA: Foreign students 'allowed to underperform'

Gigi Foster knows her disturbing research findings on international students won't make her many friends. In a university sector grown dependent on international fee revenue, it might not do much to progress her academic career either, writes Andrew Trounson for The Australian.

However the audience she wants to reach is not academe but policy-makers. It's at this level where change could be driven to address the poor language and cultural skills she says are undermining international student performance. "It is risky for me, but it is my duty to look at this," says Foster, a Harvard graduate who moved to Australia in 2003. She believes her research provides evidence that universities are too often turning a blind eye to the poor written and verbal English skills of many international students.

She says her statistical analysis reveals that international students are being allowed to underperform and this is being camouflaged to an extent by grade inflation.
Full report on the Australian site
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