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CANADA: McGill fined $2 million for raising MBA fees

Quebec's government has fined McGill University $2-million for the school's unilateral decision to raise its tuition fees for an MBA from $1,700 to $29,500, writes James Bradshaw for the Globe and Mail.

For nearly a year, the province has been locked in a standoff with McGill. Education Minister Line Beauchamp argued that keeping universities on equal financial footing is crucial to making them accessible to all, while McGill countered that the cost of educating an MBA student was $10,000 more than the combined revenues from government grants and tuition fees.

The fine serves as a warning to other schools eyeing McGill's precedent-setting move, just days before Quebec unveils a budget that will hike the province's tuition fees, which are currently Canada's lowest. Tens of thousands in Montreal and Quebec City have protested against any tuition increases.
Full report on the Globe and Mail site
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