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UK: Oxford set for record state school intake

Oxford University is on course to have the highest ever proportion of state school pupils in its undergraduate intake this autumn. Figures recently published by the institution show that just 41.5% of offers were made to private school candidates, writes Jeevan Vasagar for the Guardian.

State school pupils received 58.5% of offers. Based on previous years, the proportion of state school pupils accepted is likely to be around 1% lower than this figure. The increased share of offers reflects a rise in applications from state-educated children, which reached 64.3% for entry this autumn.

Universities in England have been told they could be stripped of the right to charge higher fees if they fail to attract a wider mix of students including state school pupils, ethnic minorities and teenagers from areas with no tradition of going on to higher education. The sharpest disparity between state and private school success is at Oxford, where nearly 47% of the intake is privately educated. But 13 of the 16 English Russell Group universities are below existing benchmarks.
Full report on the Guardian site

Graeme Paton writes in The Telegraph that Oxford is set to become only the fourth in the country to confirm that it wants to raise tuition fees to £9,000 (US$14,432) a year - the maximum allowed under government reforms. It follows similar moves by Imperial College London, Exeter and Cambridge, with other leading institutions expected to follow. Vice-chancellors have claimed that high charges are needed to allow universities to compete with international rivals and create large bursary pots to subsidise less well-off undergraduates.
Full report on The Telegraph site
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