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MALAYSIA: Universities rapped for politicking

The Malaysian prime minister has called for a reduction in politicking on university campuses, especially in the appointment of vice-chancellors, reports The Star. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that at times the politicking surrounding the appointment of university leaders was so intense that it surpassed that of a political party.

"Sometimes, it is so difficult to pick a candidate for a VC. It is much easier to select a candidate for the Kerdau and Merlimau [by-elections],'" he said in a speech to mark his first official visit to Universiti Malaysia Pahang in Kuala Pahang last week.

Speaking to reporters later, Najib said the government would review its plan on university development. "We have enough universities but there is a need to define their roles and functions,'" he added.
Full report on the Asia One site
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