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UGANDA: 70,000 to miss out on university

Over 70,000 students may this year miss admission to university, both private and public, because they did not get the required two principal passes or because the institutions do not have enough vacancies, writes Conan Businge for Sunday Vision.

Out of the 99,904 students who sat for A-level last year, only 61,820 qualified for university, leaving out 38,084. The number of candidates who obtained two principal passes is twice the 30,000 vacancies available at the five public and 22 private universities. It means that over 31,000 deserving candidates will not easily get admitted. This figure and that of the candidates who failed adds up to about 70,000 students.

Although the number of students qualifying for university has grown over the years, the infrastructure has not grown accordingly, especially at public universities. Ugandan universities accommodate just 20% of the number of applicants, according to Professor A B Kasozi, head of the National Council for Higher Education.
Full report on the Sunday Vision site
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