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UGANDA: 'Study in India' scam exposed

India has been a popular destination for Ugandan students seeking affordable and high quality education in medicine, information technology and business courses. But many of these students end up studying at different institutions from those they set out to join, writes Frederick Womakuyu for Saturday Vision.

According to the Ugandan High Commission in India, more than 800 Ugandans are pursuing higher studies at universities in India, mostly in the capital city. Saturday Vision has established, however, that some of these students are conned into going for prestigious universities and discover when they arrive in India that they have forged papers. They resort to looking for vacancies in less impressive institutions.

An agent who declined to reveal his identity said over 30 students are conned in this way annually. Professor AB Kasozi, the National Council of Higher Education chief, said no private institution or individual is permitted to seek admission for students on behalf of overseas universities.
Full report on the New Vision site
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