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MALAYSIA: Five-year moratorium on medical courses

The Malaysian government will impose a five-year moratorium on medical programmes as an immediate measure to prevent the glut in housemen from becoming worse, write Richard Lim and Loh Foon Fong for The Star.

The moratorium will prohibit the launch of new medical programmes in the country while existing medical schools will be encouraged to focus on quality. The move follows concerns, aired in The Star in November, about a glut in the number of housemen and the quality of fresh medical graduates.

"It should stop more higher education institutions from offering new medical programmes," Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said of the moratorium. "We will be able to meet the national target to have a doctor to population ratio of 1:600 by 2015 and 1:400 by 2020 with the present capacity," he told The Star.
Full report on The Star site
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