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The biennial conference of the Institutional Management in Higher Education programme of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) took place in Paris from 13-15 September 2010. Entitled Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing more with less, the signature gathering investigated how, in the context of a global recession, higher education can lead the way to sustainable recovery.

There were more than 30 plenary speakers and some 60 presenters in parallel sessions. Discussions ranged across a wide variety of issues, from challenges facing higher education and how tertiary institutions and systems have responded to funding cuts to links between academia and industry, the use of technology and social engagement. Reflecting on the conference, its organiser Richard Yelland described a mood of “self-criticism, an acceptance that despite reform little fundamental change had been made, and that the university model – driven by aspiration to climb up the higher education value chain and amplified by rankings – was still undervaluing higher level vocational education and open and distance learning”.

University World News was a media partner to the conference, and a team of five journalists reported on it, led by Asia Editor Yojana Sharma. Live coverage was provided, a selection of articles were published afterwards, and this weekend’s Special Edition of the newspaper is devoted entirely to the OECD conference. Full details are available on the conference website.
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