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LIBYA: Professor at risk for exposing fake diplomas

Chained to a bed, under the close watch of police, Rasheed Mohamed Omar El-Meheeshy was losing hope, writes Joshua Philipp for The Epoch Times. Outside the hospital room in Libya, a group of angry students and faculty were doing their all to force medical staff into denying treatment for Meheeshy, and to have him returned to prison to die.

The law professor at Libya's Misurata University dug too deep, and his findings made him a lot of enemies in Zliten City, where he lives. After being assigned to review grades and degrees given to students at the school, Meheeshy stumbled across a crime ring issuing fake college degrees. The university formed a committee to investigate, and Meheeshy was placed at its helm as dean of the university's law division.

Investigations found that 22 universities were involved in the fake diploma scheme, and according to newspaper OEA Libya, 150 fake bachelor degrees had been issued. Student involved were expelled, and 11 faculty members involved were fired. In mid-May three of Meheeshy's students claimed he sexually harassed them, an accusation he believes they made out of revenge. On 19 May he was interrogated and thrown in jail to await trial.
Full report on The Epoch Times site
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