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UK: Skills shortage is getting worse, bosses warn

Employers fear they will be unable recruit students with the skills they need as the economic recovery kicks in, a new survey reveals, writes Anna Bawden for The Guardian. Nearly half of organisations told researchers they were already struggling to find staff with skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem), while even more companies expect to experience shortages of employees with Stem skills in the next three years.

The Confederation of British Industry and the vocational qualifications body EDI surveyed 694 organisations across the public and private sectors, which together employ 2.4 million people. Half are concerned they will not be able to fill graduate posts in the coming years, while a third said they would not be able to recruit enough employees with the right A-level skills.

Two-thirds of respondents want the new government to do more to promote science and maths in schools, half said funding for Stem subjects in higher education should be protected, and 42% want capable pupils to study all three science subjects as separate GCSEs.
Full report on The Guardian site
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