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ZIMBABWE: New Law university on the cards

The Zenas University Trust, a grouping of lawyers and academics, intends to facilitate the setting up of a new university for law studies under the auspices of the Christian Legal Society of Zimbabwe after the trust's launch this weekend.

Named after Zenas, a Christian lawyer mentioned by Paul in the Bible's book of Titus, the university is part of the Christian Legal Society of Zimbabwe's strategic plan to make a positive difference on the society.

Daniel Molokele, the South Africa-based spokesperson for the initiative, told University World News they aspired to develop a new generation of leaders for both Zimbabwe and Africa whose values are founded on principles of the Christian faith.

"The Zenas University will be a Pan-African leadership institution that will only offer law-related courses in its curriculum to students from Zimbabwe and Africa at large," he said.

The proposed curriculum will initially offer certificate of law courses and then afterwards progressively offer diploma, honours, masters and doctoral law degrees. Molokele said he hoped the new university trust, to be based in Zimbabwe's second city Bulawayo, would be officially launched in December this year.
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