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INDIA: New regulation for university accreditation

India's University Grants Commission has framed a regulation making it mandatory for all universities and colleges to be certified by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), commission chairman Professor Sukhdeo Thorat said last weekend, writes Ananya Dutta for The Hindu. The move is an attempt to assess and thereafter ensure the quality of education offered in institutions of higher education, Thorat explained.

Currently, certification from the NAAC, an autonomous body headquartered Bangalore and established by the University Grants Commission in 1994, is voluntary. "While there has been progress in the absolute numbers of students with access to higher education since the time of independence, the enrolment rate of about 11% in India is much less than the world average of 23% and not much higher than the 7% of Africa," he said.

The problem has been addressed in the 11th Five-year Plan, with the government announcing the creation of 1,440 new institutions including seven Indian Institutes of Technology and seven Indian Institutes of Management, which Thorat described as the "second wave of higher education in the country".
Full report on The Hindu site
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