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KENYA: President wants hands-on skills for students

President Mwai Kibaki has advised scholars in universities to bequeath students with education that imparts hands-on skills in order to overcome critical challenges facing nations, reports the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. He said there was a need for institutions of higher learning to narrow the gap between academic theory and practice in efforts to tackle various threats facing developing countries.

The Head of State asserted that despite numerous research works in Africa many citizens live in abject poverty aggravated by hunger and decreased wealth creation opportunities because research findings never reach them as the end users.

"I challenge universities and other research institutions to find ways of translating research findings into innovations applicable to the end users so that they can make a difference in their day to day economic and social activities," said Kibaki, speaking during the opening of the Sixth Conference of the Global Consortium of Higher Education and Research for Agriculture.
Full report on the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation site
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