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UK: New cyber-security centre to fight online crime

A £30 million (US$48million) research centre opened in the University of Belfast to be the UK's principal centre for the advancement of technology to counter

Following the UK government's announcement of a national cyber security strategy in July, Queen's will look to benefit form available public funding for cyber-security research - its launch will create 80 new jobs, says a spokeswoman.

The centre will primarily be used as a research institute to study difference cyber-crime issues including data security, network security, wireless security and intelligent video analysis. It has already received funding from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the UK Technology Strategy Board. Industry partners promising future support include BAE Systems and Thales UK.

According to Queen's, the centre will create work opportunities for PhD students, university research staff, industrially experienced engineers, business development and commercialisation experts. Its aim is to help UK industries develop services for the global communication and information security sector - a sector that Queen's estimates will grow to £50 billion in 2011.

"Cyber-security is a global issue that affects us all," says Professor Peter Gregson, Queen's University Vice chancellor. "Ninety-seven percent of business in the UK now relies on the internet and other IT systems. By coupling the pioneering research undertaken at CSIT with economic development, Queen's will secure the UK's position in cyberspace."

Professor John McCanny, CSIT principal investigator says, "It is really only now that the international community is beginning to tackle cyber security in a coordinated way. Our work at CSIT is therefore of fundamental importance at this critical time in the development of the internet and related technologies."

The centre is located in one of Britian's first innovation and knowledge centres. These are promoted by the UK government and focus on the research and development of different technologies for the private and public sectors.
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