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UK: Cambridge turns 800

Thousands of people have taken part in global celebrations marking the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University, reports BBC News. A specially-commissioned light show charting the university's history kicked off the celebrations, which tied in with the start of a new term. Church bell-ringers around the world also simultaneously played a new piece composed for the occasion.

Notable former Cambridge students include Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking.

Thousands braved the cold to visit the launch of the celebrations at Senate House Yard, Cambridge. Deputy vice-chancellor professor Jeremy Sanders said he was pleased with the "exuberant" atmosphere.

The university, which has produced more Nobel Prize winners than any other institution, has organised a number of events throughout the year to mark the anniversary. Founded in 1209 after scholars from Oxford gathered to study at the ancient Roman trading post of Cambridge, the university now hosts 18,000 students and has an annual turnover of almost £1bn.
Full report on the BBC News site
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