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UK: Arctic map plots new 'gold rush'

Researchers at Durham University have drawn up the first ever Arctic map to show the disputed territories that states might lay claim to in the future, reports ScienceDaily. The new map design follows a series of historical and ongoing arguments about ownership, and the race for resources, in the frozen lands and seas of the Arctic. The potential for conflicts is increasing as the search for new oil, gas and minerals intensifies.

The move to comprehensively map the region illustrates the urgent need for clear policy-making on Arctic issues - an area rich in natural resources. The Durham map shows where boundaries have been agreed, where known claims are, and potential areas that states might claim.

Director of Research at the International Boundaries Research Unit, Martin Pratt told ScienceDaily: "The map is the most precise depiction yet of the limits and the future dividing lines that could be drawn across the Arctic region. "The results have huge implications for policy-making as the rush to carve up the polar region continues."
Full report on the Science Daily site
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