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AUSTRALIA: Sex work helps pay for university

Hundreds of university students in Victoria have turned to prostitution to pay their way through higher education, The Sunday Age reports. Up to 40% of female sex workers in Melbourne's brothels are attending the city's eight universities and other colleges. Many of the women cite the costs of course fees, increased rent and a rise in the general cost of living for their decision to join the ‘oldest profession’.

The huge earning potential for these girls is the biggest attraction of sex work. According to managers at numerous brothels across the city, a pretty woman can pocket as much as $1,400 on a busy night. Nearly all the brothels contacted by The Sunday Age admitted they had students working in their establishments. Many said that between 40% and 50% of their girls were in full-time education – and one said university students often made the best workers.
Full report on The Sunday Age site
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