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Title Date
Technology universities dominate regional ranking 16 October 2017
The ‘World-Class’ fad – Time to pursue a grander vision 15 September 2017
Geopolitics are hitting Chinese student flows in Asia 31 August 2017
Towards a Southeast Asian Higher Education Area 7 July 2017
Creating an Erasmus-style mobility scheme for ASEAN? 1 July 2017
Creating an Erasmus-style mobility scheme for ASEAN? 30 June 2017
The changing shape of global higher education geopolitics 2 June 2017
China student quota to Taiwan universities halved 31 May 2017
Why Asian states need to ratify the UNESCO convention 26 May 2017
In Asia, China’s universities worst hit by cyberattack 16 May 2017
A new dawn for Asian higher education regionalisation? 12 May 2017
Students today, leaders of globalisation tomorrow 5 May 2017
New Asian universities’ alliance to increase mobility 4 May 2017
The multiple challenges facing HE quality assurance 28 April 2017
Do national qualifications frameworks work? 31 March 2017
Support teaching to build a stronger ASEAN community 17 February 2017
Low mobility of young scientists may hamper innovation 14 February 2017
The push for Asian HE internationalisation indicators 25 November 2016
Could Asia lead on university social responsibility? 18 November 2016
Transforming higher education through regionalisation 4 November 2016
Liberal arts 'have a bigger role to play in Asian HE' 7 October 2016
Renewed push for qualification recognition in Asia 2 September 2016
Japan, South Korea top Asia’s most innovative universities 31 August 2016
Identity politics and student protest movements 8 July 2016
Excellence drive is short on innovation and creativity 17 June 2016