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Country: Africa
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Title Date
No easy way out of the higher education ‘trilemma’ 15 January 2017
CHET – Reflections on an organisational journey 15 January 2017
North Africa's research universities on the rise – slowly 13 January 2017
Higher education trends to watch in 2017 13 January 2017
Research excellence – Beyond the buzzword 13 January 2017
Indicators show flagship African universities on rise 13 January 2017
Profiles of flagship universities in eight African countries 13 January 2017
No easy way out of the higher education ‘trilemma’ 13 January 2017
Conflicts call for more peace education in universities 16 December 2016
African Virtual University launches centre in Cameroon 16 December 2016
South Africa, Japan universities unite for development 16 December 2016
Research and education internet networks on rise in Africa 16 December 2016
North Africa women researcher share among world highest 16 December 2016
Model for the transformation of higher education in Africa 16 December 2016
Time to build a pipeline of innovation for Africa 11 December 2016
South Korean institutes join skills development partnership 9 December 2016
Universities tackle graduate employability challenge 9 December 2016
Time to build a pipeline of innovation for Africa 9 December 2016
Tapping into the innovation potential of universities 2 December 2016
Lack of awareness hampers harmonisation progress 2 December 2016
Regional climate change masters curriculum launched 2 December 2016
Gathering of ministers calls for more African PhDs 2 December 2016
HE and the dawn of a new Marshall Plan for Africa 2 December 2016
Gurib-Fakim's vision for African science and innovation 2 December 2016
Rwanda hunts for professors as Makerere remains closed 18 November 2016