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Country: Austria
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Title Date
Vice-chancellors fear ‘worst-case scenario’ on funding 9 June 2017
Austrian chancellor presents ‘Plan A’ for universities 19 January 2017
Austrian refugee programme praised as a great help 21 October 2016
Major Austrian newspaper ‘discredits’ refugee support 2 September 2016
Lessons from Sweden and Denmark on innovation 4 December 2015
NGO blasts academic visits to Iranian university 28 November 2014
University leaders concerned over lack of funding 26 September 2014
Austrian survey highlights benefits of study abroad 21 February 2014
New government scraps science and research ministry 18 December 2013
Funding boost for universities, industry collaboration 21 September 2013
Influx of foreign PhDs mostly from neighbours 1 June 2013
Universities in limbo as fee turmoil continues 16 September 2012
Efficient and tunable interface for quantum networks 10 June 2012
Unfair dismissal case tests science integrity body 6 May 2012
Political deadlock on charging tuition fees causes chaos for universities 8 April 2012
AUSTRIA: Quantum computer is growing up 19 June 2011
AUSTRIA: Quantum computer close 24 April 2011
AUSTRIA: Atomic antenna sends quantum data 13 March 2011
AUSTRIA: New plan set to bring back tuition fees 6 March 2011
AUSTRIA: EU pressure over foreign student jobs 17 October 2010