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Title Date
First-in-family data ‘lacks robustness’ 21 April 2017
Government listens to universities’ fears over visas 20 April 2017
India to deepen university and training collaboration 14 April 2017
Right time for Australia and India to engage on HE 14 April 2017
MOOCs are back and they are threatening universities 14 April 2017
Report exposes university chiefs’ credit card use 7 April 2017
All universities commit to releasing sexual assault data 7 April 2017
Professor allowed to leave after being questioned 6 April 2017
Teaching-only roles could end your academic career 31 March 2017
Sydney professor barred from leaving China 30 March 2017
Melbourne University bows to pressure over building name 24 March 2017
Government recommits to long-term support for science 22 March 2017
Digital disruption lowers cost of pricey masters degrees 18 March 2017
Anti-sugar campaigner faces university ban 11 March 2017
Standing up for the facts in an era of post-truths 10 March 2017
Hair reveals Aboriginal presence across 50,000 years 9 March 2017
Universities set targets to attract indigenous students 3 March 2017
‘Devastating’ report on sexual assault at universities 3 March 2017
Indian students flock to Australia for higher studies 3 March 2017
International student numbers surge to record high 22 February 2017
International student completion rates remain high 17 February 2017
Education exports hit record high of nearly US$17 billion 3 February 2017
Universities body warns against radical reform 28 January 2017
New science minister needs to push innovation agenda 27 January 2017
Minister strives to lift student success rate 18 January 2017