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Country: Afghanistan
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Title Date
Ministry to review private university students’ degrees 11 August 2017
Abducted US, Australian professors plead for release 22 June 2017
American University reopens, defying threats of attack 28 March 2017
Private universities asked not to hire foreign teachers 20 January 2017
Progress on gender equity in Afghan higher education 13 January 2017
Video appeal by professors abducted by armed group 12 January 2017
Taliban hang university student in public 10 December 2016
MP warns of extremism spread in universities, mosques 2 December 2016
New leader at American university after terror attack 30 September 2016
American University of Afghanistan closed after attack 26 August 2016
American University to reopen after kidnappings 13 August 2016
EU may use Erasmus+ to ‘leverage’ return of migrants 23 March 2016
Women’s studies offered at Kabul University 31 October 2015
A step in the right direction for women? 30 October 2015
Officials ‘tempered’ education data to obtain US aid 17 July 2015
Private universities meet rising demand for education 27 March 2015
A deplorable higher education system 16 January 2015
35 Kandahar professors kidnapped by Taliban group 19 June 2014
Women under-represented in universities despite quotas 7 May 2014
German-supported computer centre opens in Kandahar 4 April 2014
Dramatic rise in students, but universities can't cope 14 March 2014
As US pullout nears, anxiety over future of university 5 October 2013
Universities need more women students, says World Bank 7 September 2013
Universities closed after sectarian violence on ‘politicised’ campus 28 November 2012
New scholarships for women students and academics 21 October 2012