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Ten Years of UWN
10 years of University World News, a global window on HE
Geoff Maslen, Karen MacGregor and Brendan O’Malley
Ten years ago, a group of journalists set up an online publication dedicated to promoting news, comment and debate about global higher education. Today we look back at what has been achieved in those 10 years.
Ten Years of UWN
‘Essential reading for all in global higher education’
‘In a league of its own’, ‘highly trusted and respected’, ‘of unique value to educators, administrators and policy-makers’, ‘enriching’ – distinguished readers tell us what they think about University World News’ distinctive contribution to global higher education, on our 10th anniversary.
Why Europe needs an HE learning and teaching forum
Michael Gaebel
Developments in learning and teaching have received far less attention than research excellence and innovation within universities and in public discussions. Although national initiatives are increasing, Europe needs a forum where universities can come together to discuss what works best.
Universities look to the US general education model
Futao Huang
Despite huge differences in undergraduate studies between mainland China and Hong Kong, both systems appear to have incorporated the United States model of general education as they seek to develop rounded students with the skills for a global knowledge economy.
Preparing global citizens means engaging with the SDGs
Rajesh Tandon
Students can begin to think more as global citizens if they engage with the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs during their studies. Universities need to embed them into the curriculum and encourage students to share information about what they are, and how best to achieve them.
Focus on the quality of HE, not quantity of students
Nader Habibi
Turkey has massively increased the number of students in higher education, but many graduates are not getting jobs or are taking posts that don’t require a degree. It would be better to invest more in the quality of higher education rather than the quantity of graduates.
World Blog
The case for internationalisation of higher education
Patrick Blessinger and Barbara Cozza
Internationalisation is about more than student mobility and study abroad. Its main purpose should be to enhance the quality of research, teaching and service, and consequently, to improve learning outcomes and the well-being of society.
Overall outcomes of university rankings are ‘junk’
The overall outcome of some of the best known international university rankings is “junk”, especially if they are multi-indicator rankings using weighting, according to a leading higher education expert, Simon Marginson. In addition, most rankings are influenced by an agenda.
Politics and protest – Universities in the crossfire
Gilbert Nganga
Instead of attending to their studies, over the past three weeks Mark Kamau and his two third-year classmates at the University of Nairobi have been hawking boiled eggs every evening, targeting the droves of factory workers trekking home. Student unrest has forced their university to close and they are trying to keep busy. On a good day, they make US$6.
Future of Norwegian study centres abroad uncertain
Jan Petter Myklebust
The fate of Norwegian study centres across Europe looked to be hanging in the balance earlier this year, but innovations, including offering many options and tailoring courses to teacher training, are helping to change the outlook for some.
World Round-up
Universities join forces to attract foreign students
Houthi militia terminate dozens of Sanaa academics’ jobs
Al Arabiya
Top-rated scientists face drastic funding cuts in 2018
University tracks rise in student visa denials
Southern California Public Radio
Iranian universities make inroads into Iraq
Government to curb private university entrance fees
The Korea Times
Students strike out as new campus dress codes imposed
Mada Masr
University students warned of possible nuclear attack
Islamic scholars clamour for more universities
Gunmen kill two university staff en route to campus
Downtown universities help fuel urban ecosystem – Study
Major cities losing scientific publication dominance
Spin-outs still suffer from lack of funding
Financial Times
Calls for university vigilance over foreign influence
ABC News
Medical, law graduates open restaurant to top up incomes
South China Morning Post
Breaking News
Closure raises doubts over university clinic treatment
Jan Petter Myklebust
The University of Oslo has closed down the outpatient clinic in psychology at its institute of psychology, where patients were treated by psychology students under supervision of their professors, a system that has been functioning well for more than 40 years.
Threat to cull elite Project 5-100 universities blocked
Brendan O’Malley and Eugene Vorotnikov
Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets has ruled out any imminent adoption of a proposal by the Minister of Education and Science to remove funding from 15 out of 21 institutions in the Project 5-100 elite universities programme to concentrate on six institutions.
Universities face fines for not protecting free speech
Brendan O'Malley
Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson has called on the new higher education regulator, the Office for Students, to champion free speech – and has warned universities they face fines, suspension or deregistration if they do not protect free speech.
Senate rejects government’s university spending cuts
Geoff Maslen
The Australian Senate on Thursday rejected federal government plans to slash AU$2.8 billion (US$2.2 billion) from its grants to universities in a decision that knocks a gaping hole in its annual budget. Minor parties in the Senate joined with the Labor opposition to refuse to pass any of the clauses in the government bill and called for an entire review of the higher education sector.
Authorities tighten rules for foreign student admissions
Christabel Ligami
Concerned by criminal and terror networks, Kenyan authorities are tightening up regulations relating to the entry of foreign students – all of whom will from January 2018 require police clearance before being considered for admission into a Kenyan higher education institution.
Universities generate £100 billion, one million jobs
UK universities generate a knock-on impact of nearly £100 billion (US$131 billion) for the UK economy and support close to a million jobs throughout the United Kingdom – yet receive less than a third of their funding from public sources, according to new figures from Universities UK.
Students hit by tax hike on higher education services
Shuriah Niazi
India’s new Goods and Services Tax being rolled out throughout the country in a far-reaching tax reform will mean applying to foreign universities will become more expensive, but the main effect will be on students at local universities who will have to pay more for accommodation and other essential campus services.
Technology universities dominate regional ranking
Yojana Sharma
Asia’s universities of technology are dominating regional Asian rankings, propelled by determined efforts by a number of governments in the region to put universities at the forefront of innovation-driven future economic growth.
President cracks down on, shuts Anglophone universities
Tunde Fatunde
The two main public universities in Anglophone Cameroon have been shut down by the country’s president. The indefinite closures – after months of partial closures – come amid allegations of unprecedented military force being used to suppress unrest by staff and students who are demanding greater independence for their English-speaking regions.
Minister aims to refocus elite universities programme
Eugene Vorotnikov
The Russian Minister of Education and Science, Olga Vasilyeva, is proposing to drastically cut the number of participants in the state’s ‘Project 5-100’ aimed at developing world-class universities – in order to improve its chances of achieving its objectives by 2020.
Accommodation crisis forces students to sleep in tents
Michael Gardner
Many first-year students are having to sleep in cars, tents or party halls due to continuing accommodation shortages, and the German National Association for Student Affairs is calling for more affordable accommodation and more funding to maintain cheap rent levels in its own new student hostels.
International students key to US lead in innovation
Brendan O’Malley
Many graduate level programmes in science and engineering fields would be unavailable for American students without international students. Maintaining welcoming policies – including a STEM training visa extension reportedly under threat from President Donald Trump – is essential, a new study says.
How do you prepare students for an unknowable future?
Yojana Sharma
The worldwide debate about the impact of disruptive technologies on jobs and the need to prepare future-ready graduates for a future that is not even clear, was a major topic for university leaders from Europe and Asia meeting in Singapore last week.
France leads top 25 in science and technology ranking
In U-Multirank’s new universities of science and technology ranking, the top 25 institutions come from 12 countries, with French institutions taking six top spots, compared to five from the United States. But only one had an ‘A’ score on all research indicators and knowledge transfer indicators: the Georgia Institute of Technology.
QAA tells universities how to fight contract cheating
Brendan O'Malley
The independent quality body for higher education in the United Kingdom, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education or QAA, has issued new guidance on how to combat ‘contract cheating’ at universities, where students pay a company or individual to produce work that they then pass off as their own.
Report stresses need for relevant university curricula
Christabel Ligami
Relevance to a modern economy, up-to-date curricula and effective teaching styles are crucial if developing countries are to see their investments in higher education generate positive returns, according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18.
Plan to benchmark university-business collaborations
Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson has announced plans to benchmark the performance of university-business collaborations and knowledge exchange and called on universities to secure higher returns from research conducted by institutions across the United Kingdom.
Top university calls time on ‘third-class’ degrees
Yojana Sharma
Singapore’s top-ranked Nanyang Technological University has become the second university in Singapore to ditch British-style honours degree classifications to eliminate ‘third-class’ degrees and "better reflect" their students’ capabilities, the university said. All undergraduate degrees will be given United States-style classifications.
Student hug prompts call for return of campus police
Ashraf Khaled
An Egyptian government-run university has requested the reinstatement of police guards on its campus more than six years after a court order paved the way for their removal from the country’s various campuses.

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